Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to make Canvas at Home

Cardboard+Toilet paper = Canvas 
Yes that is how  i made my canvas. I didn't want to buy canvas from market so looked for other options. I thought to give this idea a try and It turned out to be very nice and i did not purchase anything for this project.

                What u need
Cardboard, toilet paper, glue,mod podge,  brush, egg carton, stapler, scissor
Cut the cardboard about your desired size.Next apply mod podge using brush and place one layer of toilet paper over cardboard covering it all. Let it dry
 Apply another coat of mod podge and place another layer of toilet paper over it. smooth out any bumps, air bubbles using brown paper bag or any other thick paper, be careful not to smooth directly using your hands as it is still wet and will tear easily. Let dry
Glue four sides of back of the cardboard and  wrap the remaining toilet paper around the back of the cardboard.
 backside of the cardboard should look like this
Cut the top part of the egg carton and staple its edges inwards making a rectangle shape 
Glue the egg carton on the back side of the cardboard, press it for a while and then put some heavy object like book over it so that it sticks on the cardboard, i placed my laptop on it and it glued very well.
I made one big and two small canvas for my new project and this is how they look on my wall.  

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